the generative book

    The “Generative Book” is a special book, a new work by Stefano Mirti.


     It started a couple of years ago as a powerpoint. A digital presentation to be used when invited to give a lecture. Then, the powerpoint grew, improved, became the support for a series of curious and enticing performances. Mr. Mirti and a screen.


     The following step was to (manually) print a series of A6 sized booklets using stamps. The powerpoint and projector became an analog medium. If there is an expected audience of 50 people, then we would make 50 booklets. People don’t look anymore at the screen, but they follow the thread browsing their booklet. Each booklet being different, to generate all kind of different interactions during the presentation / performance.


     From the hand-made series, now we have the machine-made book. And we are able to distribute them through the Internet!


     The whole work (12 booklets, 32 pages each) is expected to be finished by the end of 2018. Day after day we add new content, we adjust, we make, remake, go back, work on a new version. Now (August 2017) we have booklet 1 and booklet 2 completely finished, and we are currently working on booklet 3 and 4.




     The file to generate the printed books has this special feature: each page is prepared in multiple versions. Once we print a new copy, we randomly select one of the different versions. As a result, each booklet is different, and each reader will get his own copy (different from all the other ones).


     To understand each other, at the end of booklet nr 2, we have more than 17 billion different outcomes. You read yours, but you will never know what other readers would read.


     It’s a book, it’s a story, it’s design theory, it’s a manual, it’s a game, it’s fortune-telling, it’s a lot of other things at once.


     Take your chance and get now your special copy, signed by the author. Don’t forget to write us your name, in order to get the personalized dedication.


     Get them on a regular bases, to follow the continuous process related to this incredible book.

This publication is not for sale:

Designer/Project lead:


Nuphap Aunyanuphap
In collaboration with:


Stefano Mirti
Production assistant:


Silvia Lanfranchi
Printed in:
Published in:


First Edition – April, 2017
Second Edition – May, 2017
Third Edition – May, 2017
Fourth Edition – June, 2017
Fifth Edition – July, 2017
Sixth Edition – November, 2017