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The Generative Book

Dear friends,

Given the nature of our work, “The Generative Book” is not for sale.
It is a present, and presents, you can’t sell them. : -)

Once this has been said,
if you are curious about it, we would happy to ship a free set to you.

To send you a present.
Drop us a nice e-mail at

State your full name (we need it for the custom-made version of your copy),
give us a couple of reasons to send you the thing free of charge,
and you’ll get it via snail mail.

We’ll ship the copies via regular mail (hence, you have to be patient).
If you want them via airmail or DHL (or any other expensive mail system),
we would kindly ask you to cover the shipping costs.

Thank you for your understanding

Stefano (the author) & Nuphap (the publisher)

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