An experimental publishing house

The New Publishing is a process-lead experimental publishing house that aim to explore and redefine the current world of publications, together with it’s possible future(s)

We work with experimental publications, with no preconceptions of any possible results. 

It is a laboratory, an experiment, to bring fourth new/inventive method of knowledge dissemination. 

Why we do it

For thousands of years, prints and publications has been an important medium of human communication. It provided us with an access to knowledge and informations regardless of place, time, and culture.

However, as a consequence of an emerging technological advancements, internet connectivity, and portable devices, markets now are inarguably consuming less materials from printed medium. It has proven to be a great challenge; for example, the decline in book sales since the appearance of e-readers.

In the contrary, there are no doubt that technology has also opens up countless possibilities to improve the value of the industry. 

But what are these opportunities offered by the current world? How should the publishing industry adapt to these times where the world are moving/evolving constantly? 

To answer these questions, we apply the learning by doing method – introduced by Relational Design and various masters in the past – by setting up a publishing house and start making publications. Doing so would reveal, little-by-little, what the world now could offer to the industry. 

It is here that our publication is not just a product. Instead, we consider it more as a finding, a conclusion, a result. An embodiment of our journey and collaboration.

Who we are

The New Publishing is a project by Nuphap Aunyanuphap and Silvia Lanfranchi – two designers with common interest in communication and visual design (as especially prints!). It is a continuation from a thesis project for Masters in Relational Design in 2015/2016, with a thesis advisor Stefano Mirti.

Special thanks

As a process-led publishing house, The New Publishing became what it is not only because of the things we do, but mostly because of the people we meet and inspires us. Here are some who we would like to thanks for having a big part in shaping our project:

 Masters in Relational Design
 Stefano Mirti, our thesis advisor
 Abadir – Accademia di Design e Arti visive
 Print Club Torino
 HOMI Smart Milano
 Gram Publishing
 Francesco and the Illustraction Festival, Brescia
 Fahrenheit 39 Ravenna

And finally, everyone who gave us great support and suggestions!